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Computer Hardware

Computer-Software-RepairLaptop and desktop computers often need fixing. Laptop hardware especially can be susceptible to breakage. Luckily, at Gadget Repair Pro, Ithaca computer repair work is our original specialty. Coming from a background of building computers from scratch, our techs relish the opportunity to revive your device. We specialize in laptop PC repair, MacBook repair, and repairs for a custom computer build. Due to the variety of laptop and desktop computers in the marketplace, we will order parts as needed for your repair.

Our computer hardware repair specialties include LCD replacement, memory replacement and memory upgrades, logic board replacement, SuperDrive upgrade and replacement, network card replacement, video board and video card replacement, modem replacement, airport replacement, power supply fix, and physical housing repair.


We can also fix water damaged computers, and we can offer a ‘computer car wash’ for $29.99 – $49.99, depending upon the state of your device. Your computer cleaning includes a complete cleanse of the exterior along with a thorough cleaning of the inside of the computer. We will return your computer dust and residue free in less than an hour. Dust often builds up inside all computers, even newer model MacBooks. Individuals with allergies in particular may benefit from computer cleanings. For broken computers, prices vary, but MacBook screen replacements can range from $120 – $500+ depending upon the MacBook model. If your computer is out of warranty, you don’t need the original manufacturer such as Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Asus etc. to perform the fix. Our skilled technicians are trained to do repair work of equivalent quality to warranty repairs by the manufacturer.

Bring your computer to our repair shop today to receive an expert repair at a competitive rate. Our computer hardware repair work also comes with our standard 30 day warranty. By request, we can also execute a customer computer build if a traditional device is not for you.

*All times vary depending on device. Some phones/tablets take more time due to how the manufacturer made the device

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