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Cell Phones

broken-phonesOur Ithaca phone repair specialties are cell phone screen repair or screen replacement, water damage repair with a free diagnostic, battery replacement, charging port repair, ear speaker repair, camera repair, home button repair, loudspeaker repair, microphone repair, power button repair, vibrator replacement, volume button repair and housing replacements.

As a hub for Ithaca cell phone repair, we overlap with Cortland phone repair, Elmira phone repair, and Watkins Glen phone repair; bringing the best quality cell phone repair to Ithaca and surrounding counties. We are conveniently located across from Verizon in Ithaca NY, and AT&T in Ithaca NY. Find us near Mark’s Pizzeria in between Ling Ling and Hair Transformations in the Ithaca Shopping Plaza off Route 13. You can relax in one of our chairs and watch some TV or do some work while you wait for your cell phone repair, or tablet repair at your Ithaca NY cell phone repair, tablet repair, and computer repair center.

Gadget Repair Pro offers a 30 day warranty on cell phone repair in Ithaca NY. We offer such a warranty with confidence because of our high quality parts and skilled technicians.

Our Specialties


Over time batteries tend to lose their juice. So if your battery just isn’t what it used to be, come by and see our experienced gadget pro’s and see what we can do for you! We’ll open up your device and test your battery and see if it needs replacing. This process should not take us more than 20 minutes*.

Water Damage

Phones weren’t meant to go swimming. If this has happened to yours, bring your phone in to our gadget pro’s and let us do a diagnostic on your device and we will see how bad the damage is and see what parts need replacing to get you back up and running. This type of service may take up to a day depending on the damage done to the device.

Headphone Jack

Is your device only playing audio or voice out of one earpiece, or no audio at all? Come in and see our gadget pro’s and we can replace or fix the defective part in 30-60 minutes*.


Tired of not having a speaker phone or listening to music? Come in to Gadget Repair Pro and we can get your music or hands free conversation back in as soon as 20 minutes*.

Front Camera

Tired of your selfies not being as clear as they used to be or not being able to take any at all? Have our experienced techs diagnose and repair the problem so you can take selfies again in as little as 20 minutes!*.

Power Button

Power button issues are a huge problem nowadays. If this is happening to your gadget, bring it to our experienced tech pro’s and they will have it repaired in roughly 30 minutes* depending on your device.

Power Button

Power button issues are a huge problem nowadays. If this is happening to your gadget, bring it to our experienced tech pro’s and they will have it repaired in roughly 30 minutes* depending on your device.

Digitizer (glass) LCD

Tired of dealing with a broken screen? Can’t see what you’re doing on your phone/tablet? Come in and let our gadget pro’s replace that screen with a brand new one in about 30- 60 minutes*, so you can get back to what you were doing.


Over time, the vibration in your device can go bad. When that happens, come see our gadget pro’s and in about 30-45 minutes* we will have it finished and working again.


The whole point of having a phone is to talk and listen to the person on the other end. If you can’t hear anything on the other end or the sound is fuzzy/crackling, come in to see our gadget pro’s and we can get that repaired in roughly 20-40 minutes*.

Back Camera

Having issues taking pictures? Is the camera lens cracked, not opening, or just not functioning at all? Come in to Gadget Repair Pro and our experienced techs can figure out what the issue is, and you can continue taking pictures of your favorite things. This repair usually takes around 30 minutes*.

Charge Port

Do you have to hold your charging cable a certain way? Does your phone just not charge anymore? Let Gadget Repair Pro diagnose and repair your charger port so you can finally get back to work. This repair typically takes around 30 minutes*.

Volume Buttons

Volume buttons are the 2nd most common buttons to act up or fail all together. No one really wants a loud phone all the time. If you can’t adjust the volume on your gadget, come and see Gadget Repair Pro’s and we will have it repaired for you in roughly 30-45 minutes*.


Is your microphone not functioning correctly? This is a major part of a phone and is needed for voice control or recordings. If this is happening to you come in and see our experienced techs and we’ll get you talking again in 20-35 minutes*.

*All times vary depending on device. Some phones/tablets take more time due to how the manufacturer made the device

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