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Gadget Repair Pro

Stop by for a free visual diagnostic! We specialize in cell phone, tablet,
computer hardware and software repair on all makes and models.

Cell Phone and Tablet Repair

Relax or get some work done while we restore your device to like new. We
only use the highest quality replacement parts for our cell phone and tablet
repairs, backed with a 30-day warranty. One of our experienced techs will
inspect your damaged device and assess your best options.

Windows or Mac Crash?

An experienced tech will hook up your machine and diagnose and fix the problem.
We specialize in computer diagnostics, and can perform a virus removal, PC tune up,
Mac tune up, data recovery, anti virus installation, operating system installation,
and other general computer software repair.

Welcome to Gadget Repair Pro!

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At Gadget Repair Pro we specialize in fixes such as a cell phone screen repair or screen replacement, water damage repair with a free diagnostic, battery replacement, charging port repair, ear speaker repair, camera repair, home button repair, loudspeaker repair, microphone repair, power button repair, vibrator replacement, volume button repair and more.

Water damage repair can take any where from one hour to twenty four hours to solve. Counter-intuitively, we have the best chance of restoring your water damaged device if you keep it submerged in water after you think its become damaged. A cell phone screen replacement on most phones can take anywhere from twenty minutes to forty five minutes for a skilled technician. We will also buy broken phones if there are salvageable parts.

Stop by today to see if your phone can be saved or has any salvage value. iPhone and Samsung phones tend to have the highest number of usable parts, and we do our best to stay stocked to ensure a quick turnaround time. Trying to figure out what is wrong your cell phone or tablet? Review some common repairs below to get acquainted with the repair process.

Find us in the Ithaca Shopping Plaza next to Mark’s Pizzeria, in the same plaza as Five Guys and Taco Bell, in Ithaca. We can be reached via email at service@gadgetrepairpro.com 24 hrs, or via phone at (607)-288-2266 during our business hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm, Saturday 11am – 5pm, and Sunday 12pm – 4pm.

Devices We Specialize In Repairing

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